Thursday, April 6, 2017

Holding Credit

 I ordered some things online early this morning using my PayPal account and my credit union (my credit union card is tied to my PayPal account) put holds on the transactions and of course waited until they opened at 8am to call me and verify them (I made the purchases around 2 am.) Last week they did the same thing with another card I have in a second account with the same credit union.

I am really sick and tied of the credit union and them putting holds on both my cards on both my accounts with them (all in 1 week.) The Member Services lady today said there was nothing they could do to prevent the holds in the future unless I called them before I used the card for "big" purchases (I guess they consider $9 on PayPal a big purchase.) Of course I can only call them Mon-Fri from 8 am-8 pm and Sat 9am -1 pm since they aren't opened  24/7.

They also have very intelligent people working  there since right after they have me verify my identity by telling them my home address they say I can come in to any "convenient" branch and get any issues resolved. I live about 6 states away from their closest branch so it's not very convenient (and they should know that when I give them my address.)

It is really annoying to have to "beg" them to let me use my own money. They may think they are doing a great service and stopping any "fraud" but in reality they are creating more hassles then are needed and I have to do all their work for them. I think it's time I open a new account at either a national credit union/bank or at least a regionally one that is in the current state I am in.

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