Friday, April 7, 2017

Different Bridges

After seeing the Canadian comedy "Bon Cop, Bad Cop" where there's a crime that takes place partly in Quebec Province and partly in Ontario Province and the English Canadian police have to work with the French-Canadian police (it's a comedy) I thought I would see if there were any other such movies or shows and found some ("The Bridge" and "The Tunnel.") Although these aren't comedies like the Canadian movie was.
I have seen all 3 seasons of the Swedish/Danish TV show called: "The Bridge" ("Broen" in Danish and "Bron" in Swedish.") This is the original version of the show. It is really good and thought-provoking. Not only is it a crime drama that involves a bridge (├śresund Bridge) and two countries (Denmark and Sweden) but it also tackles different current issues and how society treats them (or ignores them.)
I have also watched two seasons of French/British version called: "The Tunnel" and thought it was just as thought-provoking (even though some scenes were taken from the Swedish/Danish original and just put into English/French.)
After watching the different seasons and versions I thought the American/Mexican version called: "The Bridge" would be just as good. I was wrong. There are two season and I could barely get through the first one. I don't know what happened, but this one just didn't click as the Swedish/Danish and British/French versions did.
I can't wait for the 4th season of the Swedish/Danish version of for the 3rd version of the British/French version.

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