Friday, April 21, 2017

60% Say Bury

From the MT:
"60% of Russians Want Lenin's Body Buried"

More than half of Russians want to see Lenin's body removed from his mausoleum on Red Square, according to a new survey. Some 32 percent of people want to see the Soviet leader's body buried “as soon as possible,” according to data by state-backed pollster VTsIOM. Thirty-one percent said any burial should wait until “the generation which reveres Lenin has passed away,” while 31 percent said that Lenin's preserved body should remain in state. Public opinion has remained almost unchanged for the past decade, with 62 percent of Russians telling researchers in 2005 that Lenin's body should be buried. Despite this, Lenin remains on display in his mausoleum.  Although the majority of the public would like to see Lenin interred, he still enjoys some popularity in Russian society.  According to VTsIOM data from January 2016, just under one in three Russians (31 percent) believes that Lenin's work benefited the country. Another 35 percent said that he "brought good and bad in equal measure," and just under a quarter of Russians (23 percent) saw Lenin's influence as negative.

^ I guess it is high-time to bury him. Not only is it 93 years since he died, but also 26 years since his "dream" of a Communist country collapsed. I have to say that I tried several times to go to his mausoleum on Red Square and most of the time it was closed for "repairs." I did finally manage to go with a friend's mother. We paid someone to stand in the long waiting line for us and then someone to hold our things while we went in since you couldn't bring anything in. It was very dark and creepy. The soldiers didn't allow anyone to stop (it was a constantly-moving line) and you couldn't talk. The body itself just looked like a wax figure you would see at a museum. Lenin should be buried and it's good to see that the majority of Russians agree and have for consistently for many years now. ^

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