Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Investigating Pobeda

From the MT:
"Russia's Pobeda Airline Faces Investigation After Refusing Disabled Passenger"

Russian budget airline Pobeda is under investigation after refusing to let a disabled child and his mother board a flight in Moscow. The two-year-old boy, who has cerebral palsy, was barred from a flight to the Russian city of Yekaterinburg from Moscow’s Vnukovo airport on April 14. Pobeda employees told the child’s mother that the airline had to be informed in advance before “transporting a child with a serious illness.”  The company has since said that the decision was made due to “a malfunction with passenger data" and that the woman and her son were offered an alternative flight departing the next day. Russia’s civil aviation authority, Rosaviatsia, announced on Monday that it would be investigating the incident." "Rosaviatsia will be working to verify the circumstances of this ugly incident, which is unprecedented against the ongoing drive by public organizations, the Russian government and federal executive bodies to create a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities," the organization said in a statement on its website.

^ If the mother gave the airline advanced warning (like most airlines require) and the airline still refused to allow the boy on-board then Pobeda should be fined and made to compensate and apologize to the passengers. If the mother didn't give advanced warning to the airline then it's a sad incident. I know that it is still discrimination for an airline to require a disabled person to give them advanced warning when flying (especially if they don't do the same for the non-disabled) but I think the advanced warning falls in a "grey area." I'll be keeping an eye on any new details on this incident and the results of the investigation. ^


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