Monday, December 22, 2014

Hopeless Gaza

From the DW:
"After summer war, winter exacerbates hopelessness on the Gaza Strip"

Winter is setting upon the Gaza Strip, which was all but destroyed in seven weeks of war between Israel and Hamas. The humanitarian disaster continues for tens of thousands of people who have lost their homes and work.   The war-damaged streets of Gaza were under water. A few hours of heavy rain at the end of November were enough to flood parts of the densely-populated coastline. Thousands were forced to leave their homes. "We had to use schools to accommodate all of the people," explains Adnan Abu Hasna, spokesperson for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in the Gaza Strip. In the coming weeks, temperatures are expected to continue to fall and more rain is forecast. The area can expect to see more flooding, which will worsen the humanitarian crisis there. "If it rains, there will be another disaster in Gaza," Abu Hasna told DW. After all the damaged caused by the seven-week war over the summer, Mother Nature is now threatening to further destroy the region. For the people living in the Gaza Strip, the summer's war between the Israeli Army and the radical Palestinian organization Hamas in July and August was only the most recent in a series of armed clashes. But none of the wars that preceded it were as bloody or left behind such destruction. Over 2,100 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks and more than 11,000 were wounded. More than 70 Israelis died. Apartment buildings and schools were leveled and the infrastructure on the 360-square-kilometer Gaza Strip was destroyed. Tens of thousands of people were made homeless and were forced to join the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have lived in temporary shelters for decades and are dependent upon aid. UN organizations and private, state-run aid agencies are trying to help. "850,000 refugees are dependent upon our humanitarian aid," according to Abu Hasna. Along with providing clean water and food, the organizations also give money for housing and reconstruction. They are also important employers, as most people living in the Gaza Strip have no regular income.

^ Maybe the current situation in Gaza will force the Palestinians living there to stop attacking Israel. If they stop bombing and killing Israelis then the Israelis will stop bombing and killing them. I would feel sorry for the Palestinians in Gaza but they brought this on themselves by electing an internationally-recognized terrorist group (Hamas) and supporting what Hamas does towards Israel. The Palestinians in the West Bank (who didn't elect Hamas) weren't attacked and didn't attack Israel last summer and are slowly getting more positive change. I am all for that. The Gazans should follow the example of the West Bank. Then their people wouldn't be freezing this winter and the world could feel sorry for them. Until then they deserve whatever happens. ^

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