Friday, December 12, 2014


The one day I skipped was Saturday and that’s when I went with my friend (the one who I went to Wuppertal with) to Cologne. We took the train – which was pretty crowded.  I don’t know about all the stereotypes about German efficiency because I have never seen it – even when I lived there.  We went to the Cologne Cathedral. The main part was nice and we also went to a special exhibit and got to see the bones and other artifacts of the Three Kings (the Magi.) It was pretty cool. After the Cathedral we went to a traditional Christmas Market and then my friend wanted to go to a gay Christmas Market so we did. You could see the difference from the traditional Christmas markets in the way the food was presented (in different body shapes and sizes) and by all the uniformed German police there. Cologne’s public transportation is disorganized. You had to run all around looking for the right station and there were no signs to help you.  Despite that I had never been to Cologne before and it was nice to see it. My grandfather has pictures of when he was in Cologne during World War 2 and it's nice to see they have re-bounded.

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