Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cuba Ties

From the BBC:
"US and Cuba 'seek to normalise ties'"

US and Cuba are to start talks to normalise diplomatic ties in a historic shift in relations between the two countries, media reports say. American officials have told US media the US is looking to open an embassy in Havana in the coming months.  The moves are part of a deal that saw the release of American Alan Gross by Cuba and includes the release of three Cubans jailed in Florida for spying.
US President Barack Obama is making a statement later. Mr Gross, 65, has spent five years behind bars after being accused of subversion, for trying to bring internet services to communities in Cuba.
He earlier left Cuba on a US government plane and was freed on humanitarian grounds. His arrest and imprisonment had undermined attempts to thaw diplomatic relations between the two countries.
The three Cubans released in the US are part of the so-called Cuban Five convicted of spying.
Prosecutors said the five had sought to infiltrate US military bases and spied on Cuban exiles in Florida. Two were recently allowed to return to Cuba after finishing their sentences.

^ This isn't surprising. Obama is now a lame-duck President and doesn't really care what he does (I don't think he ever really did.) His arrogance has led him to do many things that are now hurting ordinary people: ie  Obamacare, Immigration, the Governemtn Shutdown, his mishandling of Iraq - by first completely withdrawing US troops without making sure there were no more threats within the country to dealing with ISIS now, he has also dealt poorly with regards to Russia and the Ukraine. I see this push to normalize ties with Cuba as a way for him to try and salvage his reputation and legacy. It would be a lot better if he simply resigned early and let the country deal with his many mistakes now rather than having to wait until a new President is elected. Who knows how much more damage he can do between now and then.  ^

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