Sunday, December 14, 2014

Digital License

From the BBC:
"Iowa developing driver's licence app"

The US state of Iowa is developing an application to put residents' driver's licences on mobile devices. The app would use a pin number for verification and biometric identification to control who can access it, officials said. "We are really moving forward on this," Governor Terry Branstand said, according to the Des Moines Register. An initial pilot programme will begin next year, Iowa's transportation department tells the BBC. The app could be used at traffic stops and security at Iowa airports. The state is already one of 30 that allows drivers to show their proof of vehicle insurance electronically. Residents will still be able to use a regular "hard" driver's licence, the transporation department says.

^ This is a big waste of time. I stood behind people when I was travelling that had digital boarding passes on their phones and had issues at security and passport control. Sometimes it is just better to use a piece a paper - and then recycle it later. Iowa (and every other US State) should instead focus on fixing the long wait-times and bad customer service at their DMVs and making it easier for more people to do things on their website. Once they fix all those problems millions of people have to deal with then they can focus on something not important like a digital copy of your license. ^

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