Friday, March 31, 2017


The latest session of TAR just aired and so far it seems like a good one. There are no pre-set teams. Instead everyone is a stranger and had to complete a challenge to decide the order in which they picked their partner. A previous season has a "first date" part where teams didn't know each other, but they didn't randomly pick their teams. They went to Panama City, Panama and had to find the Panama Canal and it seemed no one in the capital knew the Panama Canal (called Canal de Panamá in Spanish) which was pretty funny. As for the teams. I think Seth and Olive will go very far if not win the Race. He's a police officer and she's a firewoman and they seem to have both strength and intelligence. I also like Matt and Redmond. He (Matt) is a pro-snowboarder and Redmond was a soldier and now motivational speaker. They both just seem to have what it takes and hopefully that will work for them. The butcher/autioneer  team and the rock climber/student team don't seem to have what it will take to win the Race and are a little annoying (maybe that will change as the show porgresses - maybe not.) The first team eliminated (the model and trainer) didn't seem to really want to be in the Race or at least not to win, but have a fun time. I have been watching TAR from the beginning and even after all these years the show still manages to be good and entertaining.

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