Saturday, March 18, 2017

Opening Ceremony

I thought I would write about the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Special Olympics. I have to say that I thought it was really great. I have seen many Opening Ceremonies from the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics, the Summer Special Olympics and the Winter Special Olympics and this Opening Ceremony in Austria was one of the best Opening Ceremonies of any of the International Games. It was very entertaining as well as gave a good message (without throwing it into your face at every turn.) As with most Opening Ceremonies there was a lot of the local (in this case: Austrian) tradition and culture and that was nice. I've been to Austria several times and like it there. This Opening Ceremony clearly wasn't some thrown-together event, but was well-thought-out. It had European as well as International entertainers and celebrities. The Special Olympics (whether the Summer or Winter Games) may not get a lot of attention around the world or funding, but they still showed that they are very capable of throwing one of the best Opening Ceremonies I have ever seen. You forget that it is an event for the disabled and just remember that it was a fun and entertaining event. Of course, it is not easy for any of these athletes since they don't get the funding or sponsors that other athletes get and that really needs to change. If anything, they have to work even harder to prove themselves and their skills and that shouldn't go unnoticed. Now that the Opening Ceremony is over I am curious to see how many medals the US and Canada get (as I always am when watching any of the Olympics.)

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