Thursday, March 16, 2017

Voting ID

I went and voted in my town's election today. For the past 4 years you have had to show photo ID in my state before you vote (whether it's for Federal, State or local elections.) Even in a small town like mine - where everyone knows everyone else - you have to. The man in front of me in line had to show his wife (one of the volunteers checking people in) his photo ID. I do not understand anyone who complains that they have to show a photo ID to vote. You have to show ID for most things (airports, Federal and State buildings, etc.) nowadays and no one complains about that. It's not like we live in most countries of the world where you have to have an ID card (and pay for it yourself) and have to carry it at all times and show it to any official who asks. FYI: In my state if you don't have a Driver's License or non-Driving ID you can get a free photo ID that is only good for voting. People need to stop trying to attack every little thing (like photo IDs to vote.) No one complains that most people have to vote in a religious building - so much for the separation of church and state. Sometimes you need to pick your battles and photo IDs for voting shouldn't be an issue.

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