Thursday, February 16, 2017

Not My Thimble

From USA Today:
"Fickle finger of fate flicks Monopoly's humble thimble out of the game"

Originally added to Monopoly in 1935, the thimble game piece will no longer ship with the iconic real estate-based board game. During a month of voting in the "Monopoly Token Madness" campaign, more than 4 million votes were cast to save current tokens and add new pieces to the Hasbro game. And the meager thimble seems to be the unlucky victim of progress. It joins milkmen, television repairmen and rock band saxophonists. The thimble was part of daily life when it was chosen as an original game piece. But, in the recent Token Madness competition, it had to compete against more relevant entries like a computer, a cellphone and a jet. There were 56 new tokens competing against the eight currently included. Hasbro will announce what token will be added to the game on "World Monopoly Day," March 19. A new game with eight fan-picked game pieces will go on sale in August. 
The last time a token was dropped and a new one was added was in 2013. The oh-so-exciting iron was dropped in favor of a cat token. The Scottie dog was added in 1950.

^ They have so many different versions of Monopoly why can't they just leave the original alone? ^

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