Saturday, February 11, 2017

2nd Nor'Easter

From USA Today:
"Second blizzard in days could pound New England this weekend"

Yet another winter storm is poised to hammer New England with heavy snow and howling winds by the end of the weekend, just days after Thursday's storm pummeled the region with up to two feet of snow. From Sunday afternoon to Monday evening, another powerful winter storm is set to deliver blizzard conditions for portions of New England hit hard by this week's storm, AccuWeather meteorologist Kyle Elliott said. The worst of the storm appears headed for eastern Maine, where a foot or more of snow and strong winds are expected, the National Weather Service in Caribou, Maine, said. Travel will be difficult and dangerous, with whiteout conditions and blowing and drifting snow, AccuWeather warned. Major airline delays and cancellations are likely. For Boston, the storm "could turn out to be a glancing blow or a very high-impact event," the weather service said. Relatively warmer temperatures there could mean some of the precipitation falls as rain.  Elsewhere, a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain is expected in parts of western and central New York and northeast Pennsylvania, the Weather Channel said. Rain is expected farther south into the mid-Atlantic. The weather pattern will remain active across the Northeast later next week, when winter storms could target the region again, AccuWeather said.

^ Another nor'easter 3 days since our last nor'easter (but not our last snow storm.) It definitely takes a certain kind of person to get through so much snow in such a short amount of time. ^

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