Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Better Canadian Radar

From the G & M:
"Federal government buying new radar system to better detect severe weather"

The federal government is moving to improve Canada’s ability to warn people about severe weather, including tornadoes. The government says it will buy 20 state-of-the-art weather radars that will be built across the country over seven years starting this fall. Environment Canada says the combination of these radars, along with a recently acquired supercomputer, will give people more time to protect themselves and their property from severe weather. Minister Catherine McKenna says the modernized network will also provide weather information that can be used in almost every sector of the economy. The government says the new system will cover more of Canada and double the detection range for tornadoes and other severe weather. The new system will also help forecasters better distinguish between rain, snow, hail and freezing rain.

^ This will help save lives by giving more people more advanced warning of dangerous storms. ^


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