Thursday, May 25, 2017


Yesterday I had to put my dog, Wolfgang Pup (Wolfie) to sleep. Even though he was around 13-14 years old it still wasn't easy since he was with us for around 11 years. We got him from a Malamute Rescue group (I only learned last October when he had to have tests done that his back had been completely broken by his previous owner and never healed correctly) so to say he didn't have an easy start as a puppy is an understatement. When we got him he just clicked with us and our other dogs. Despite the abuse he had gone through he was the gentlest and most caring dog. He would always walk up to you and put his head down and want you to hug him. He became special buddies with one of my other dogs, Mookie. The two were thick as thieves. Wolfie would do anything Mookie did without hesitation and that got him (well both of them) into some interesting situations. Wolfie took it hard when Mookie got sick and we had to put him to sleep. For about 2 years he would go to the spot where he saw Mookie get hurt (we learned he was sick when we took him to the vet after his attack) and just stand there. Even though Wolfie became "top dog" afterwards he was still his usual self. For the past few years he became more like Mr. Magoo (a funny old man who you couldn't help but smile at whenever he did odd things.) In the end I was with him when he went to sleep (as I was with Mookie.) The house is quiet now especially because he always slept at the bottom of my bed and always followed me no matter where I went. 

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