Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ukrainian Stats

April 6th was the 3 year anniversary of the Russian-backed war in the Donbass, Ukraine. To date: 3,754 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 11,208 wounded, 2,383 Ukrainian civilians have been killed and 12,247 wounded (3,983 ethnic Russian rebels have been killed and 500 Russian soldiers have been killed.) 1,414,798 Ukrainian civilians have been displaced.
Despite part of its territory (the Crimea) being invaded, occupied and annexed by Russia for over 3 years and another... part (the eastern Donbass) in a war between Ukraine and ethnic Russian rebels and the Russian military the Ukraine has modernized itself from a poor, corrupt, former Soviet Republic to a modern, Democratic country (that will get visa-free access to the EU this year.)
All of this was done with very little outside help. Think what could happen if the US, Canada, the EU, the UN, etc. actually did more than just Russian sanctions and talk. The Ukraine has done more in the past 3 years than most countries could imagine doing in 50. November 2017 will be 10 years since I went to Kyiv, the Ukraine. A lot has changed since I was there (good and bad) but the Ukrainian people continue to prove themselves against bullies, invaders and militaries while transforming themselves internally and externally. We could all learn a lot from their hard-work and determination.

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