Wednesday, January 25, 2017

World Border Barriers

From Wikipedia:
"Border barrier"

1.       Border: Austria-Slovenia  (Built by; Austria) Built: 2015  Length:  25 KM  Reason: anti-illegal immigration

2.       Border:  Argentina-Paraguay  (Building it: Argentina)      Built: Under construction      Length:  N/A       Reason: Anti-illegal immigration, anti-illegal trade and anti-drug smuggling

3.       Border: Belize-Guatemala    (Building it: Belize)       Built: Proposed, Agreed         Length:   N/A       Reason: Disputed Territory and Anti-illegal immigration

4.       Border:  Botswana/Zimbabwe   (Built by: Botswana and Zimbabwe)  Built:  2003   Length:  500 KM   Reason: Anti-illegal immigration

5.       Border: Brunei/Limbang    (Built by: Brunei and Limbang)    Built:   2005    Length:   20 KM  Reason:     Anti-illegal immigration

6.       Border: Bulgaria/Turkey     (Built by:   Bulgaria) Built   2014   Length: 30  KM     Reason: Anti-illegal immigration

7.       Border: Ceuta-Morocco(Built by:  Spain)   Built:  2001 Length:  8 KM Reason:   Anti-illegal immigration

8.       Border: China/Hong Kong (Built by:  British Hong Kong)   Built: 1960s    Length: 32 KM  Reason:  Anti-illegal immigration

9.       Border: Costa Rica/Nicaragua  (Building it: Costa Rica)  Built:  Proposed    Length: N/A  Reason: Anti-illegal immigration

10.   Border: China- North Korea  (Building it:  China and North Korea)  Built:  Under construction  Length:   1,416  KM  Reason:   Anti-illegal immigration

11.    Border: Egypt-Gaza  (Building it/Built It:  Egypt) Built:   1979, subterranean barrier under construction   Length:  3.1  KM  Reason:   Anti-terrorism and anti-illegal immigration

12.   Border: Estonia-Russia  (Building it: Estonia) Built: Planned  Length:  106-108 KM Reason:  anti-Russian intrusion, anti-illegal trade and anti-illegal immigration

13.   France-United Kingdom  (Built by: France and the United Kingdom) Built: 2016  Length:   around Calais Port Reason: anti-illegal immigration

14.   Border: Macedonia-Greece (Built by:  Macedonia) Built:  2015 Length:  30  KM Reason:  Anti-illegal immigration

15.   Border: Malaysia-Thailand (Building it: Thailand and Malaysia)  Built:  Proposed  Length:  650 KM Reason:  Anti-terrorism

16.   Border: Melilla-Morocco  (Built by: Spain) Built:  1998   Length:  11  KM Reason:  Anti-illegal immigration

17.   Border: Hungary–Serbia (Built By: Hungary) Built:  2015  Length:   175  KM Reason:  Anti-illegal immigration

18.   Border: Hungary–Croatia (Built by: Hungary) Built:  2015  Length:  41  KM Reason:  Anti-illegal immigration

19.   Border: India-Bangladesh (Building it:  India) Built:  Under construction  Length:  3,268 KM  Reason:  Anti-illegal immigration

20.   Border: India-Burma  (Building it: India) Built:  Under construction  Length:  1,624  KM Reason: Anti-drug smuggling and anti-terrorism

21.   Border: India Kashmir (Built by:  India) Built:  2004   Length:  550 KM Reason:  Anti-terrorism (disputed territory) 

22.   Border: Iran-Pakistan (Building it: Iran and Pakistan) Built:  Under construction  Length:  700 KM Reason:  Anti-drug smuggling

23.   Israel-West Bank (Build by; Israel)  Built:  2000  Length: 708 KM Reason:  anti-terrorism

24.   Border: Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan (Built by: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan) Built:  2006  Length:  45  KM Reason: Anti-drug smuggling

25.   Border: Latvia-Russia  (Building it: Latvia) Built: Under construction Length: N/A  Reason: anti-Russian intrusion, anti-illegal trade and anti-illegal immigration

26.   Border: Norway-Russia (Built by: Norway) Built 2016  Length:  200 M Reason: anti-illegal trade and anti-illegal immigration

27.   Border: South Korea-North Korea (Built by:  North Korea, South Korea, United States) Built:  1953   Length:   248  KM,  Reason:    Conflict zone

28.   Border: South Africa – Mozambique (Built by: South Africa and Mozambique) Built:  1975  Length:   120  KM  Reason:   Anti-illegal immigration

29.   Border: South Africa-Zimbabwe  (Built by: South Africa)   Built:   2000s  Length:   225  KM Reason: Anti-illegal immigration, Anti-drug Smuggling, Anti Weapon Smuggling

30.   Border: Kuwait-Iraq  (Built by: Kuwait and Iraq)   Built:    1991    Length:   193   KM Reason:   Conflict zone

31.   Border: Pakistan-Afghanistan (Building it:  Pakistan) Built:   Proposed   Length:   2,400  KM  Reason:   Anti-terrorism

32.   Border: Saudi Arabia-Yemen  (Built by:  Saudi Arabia and Yemen)  Built:   2004  Length:   75  KM Reason:   Anti-illegal immigration

33.   Border: Saudi Arabia-Iraq  (Built by: Saudi Arabia and Iraq) Built:  2014  Length:  900  KM Reason:  Anti-illegal immigration and Conflict zone

34.   Border: Slovenia-Croatia (Building it:  Slovenia)   Built:  under construction  Length:  N/A Reason:  Anti-illegal immigration

35.   Border: Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan (Built by:  Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) Built:  2001  Length:  1,700  KM Reason:  Anti-illegal immigration

36.   Border: Ukraine-Russia (Building it: Ukraine and Russia) Built:  Under construction  Length:  2,000 KM Reason:  Anti Weapon Smuggling and Conflict zone

37.   Border: United Arab Emirates-Oman (Building it: United Arab Emirates and Oman) Built:  Under construction  Length:  410  KM Reason:  Anti-illegal immigration

38.   Border: United States–Mexico (Building it: United States) Built:  Under construction  Length:  3,360 KM Reason:   Anti-illegal immigration and drug smuggling

39.   Border: Uzbekistan-Afghanistan (Built by: Uzbekistan and Afghanistan) Built:  2001  Length:   209  KM Reason:     Anti-illegal immigration

40.   Border: Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan (Built by: Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) Built:  1999  Length:  870  KM Reason:   Conflict zone

^ I posted this before, but it seems right to do so again (with all the hype about the US-Mexico border barrier.) I don't understand why people are so against a border wall/fence between the US and Mexico. I haven't heard a concrete reason why it is bad. The following is the current list of border barriers around the world (taken from Wikipedia with sources on their website) that no one seems against (there are even several between EU member states which is like building a wall/barrier between New York and Massachusetts.) ^

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