Saturday, November 22, 2014

Overhaul Obama

From the BBC:
"Barack Obama enforces US immigration overhaul"

Millions of immigrants living illegally in the US will be allowed to apply for work permits under a major shake-up unveiled by President Barack Obama. They include immigrants who have been in the US for five years and have children staying legally in the US.  About four million people are expected to benefit from a reform package forced through using executive orders, which allow Mr Obama to bypass Congress. Republicans have accused the president of an "illegal power-grab".
There are estimated to be 11 million illegal immigrants in the US.

^ It's clear Obama doesn't have a clue what he is doing (on anything) and just wants his name in the news. This isn't immigration overhaul it's illegal immigration overhaul. I support making it easier for foreigners who have never committed a crime (like illegally entering and living in the US) to come to the US. Instead Obama wants to aid those that are criminals (illegal = crime.) Why doesn't he focus on more important issues like: creating more jobs for Americans (instead of giving work permits to illegals to take the few jobs Americans have) or create a solid strategy to fight ISIS or do  something other than talking about Russian fighting in the Ukraine or do something that isn't self-serving but rather helps the ordinary American. Is it 2016 yet? ^

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