Sunday, November 16, 2014

Germany's Path

From the DW:
"Path of Remembrance: memorial to Germany's recent fallen soldiers in Potsdam"

Since 1955, thousands have died in the service of Germany's armed forces. They now have a quiet memorial in Potsdam. It means very much to those left behind. The "Path of Remembrance" is dedicated to the more than 3,000 members of the German military who have died since Germany reconstituted its army in 1955. German President Joachim Gauck and Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen joined some 650 families at the memorial's opening on Saturday. The 150-meter (500-foot) path traverses a tunnel-shaped informational point featuring in bold bronze lettering the names of German soldiers who have died since 2002 - 37 from attacks or skirmishes, 67 due to "other circumstances," such as accidents or suicide. The Path of Remembrance begins at the headquarters of the operational command of the German armed forces, which relocated to the buildings in 2001; previously they had been used for air combat training under the Third Reich. Konstantin Menz died in 2011 in an attack in Afghanistan. His mother, Tanja, now has a place to mourn her son in peace. "You need a little piece, some time for yourself," said the 45-year-old mother. She now has three children after Konstantin's death. Berlin also has a memorial to fallen soldiers at the Defense Ministry.
^ It's  good for every country to have something similar to the men and women that serve in their armed forces. ^

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