Thursday, July 27, 2017

Draft Ban

From the MT:
"Russian Draft Dodgers to be Banned From Public Sector Jobs for 10 Years"

Draft dodgers will be barred from working in the public sector for at least 10 years after they fail to join the Army, according to an amendment published on the government's legal portal on Thursday. An earlier version of the law passed in 2013 imposed a lifetime ban on draft dodgers. Following an appeal by parliamentarians in the North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, however, Russia’s Constitutional Court ruled the measure unlawful in October 2014, demanding a limit to the ban.  In its amended form, the law requires military commissariats to inform state bodies of those who dodge conscription and obliges them to discharge the respective employees within 10 days.  In 2016, the number of people who failed to enlist for their year of mandatory service shrank by 8 percent to 90,000 compared to the previous year, according to Defense Ministry statistics, cited by the Interfax news agency.  In theory, draft dodgers can also be punished with a prison sentence of up to two years.  Most Russians, however, avoid such punishment by using personal connections or paying bribes to acquire medical certificates which state they are unequipped to serve. During a live broadcast with children earlier this month, Putin said he had a “negative” attitude towards those who dodged the draft. "Even though there is hazing in the army, every man must contribute to the country’s defense,” he said.

^ The Russians are very obsessed with draft dodgers. I remember being personally hounded when I lived there and despite not looking Slavic and speaking English (I was just starting to learn Russian at the time) the police chased me - I merely walked - around the university where I was studying at until I got to my teacher who explained everything to them in Russian. The next day I got an ID Card in Russian with my picture on it explaining things for the future. With that said I have only met 1 Russian man who has ever served in the Soviet/Russian military as a conscript (when he started his service the USSR was still there and when he finished his service the USSR had collapsed.) Most people get fake doctor notes (without ever seeing a doctor) or take an ROTC-like course in school where they don't have to serve after they graduate.  With that said I do feel that Russia (and any country) has a right to enforce its laws and punish those that break them. Russia should not only focus on punishing Draft Dodgers, but also in modernizing its military to end the brutal hazing and poor conditions that the conscripts have to endure. If the Russian Military modernized how it treats and trains its soldiers there might not be so many Draft Dodgers. ^

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