Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lufthansa Shame

From Newsmax.com:
"German Airline Lufthansa's Cabin Crew to Strike for 1 Week"

A union representing cabin crew for Lufthansa says its members will go on strike for one week in a contract dispute with the airline, Germany's largest. German news agency dpa quoted the head of the cabin crew union Ufo, Nicoley Baublies, saying Monday that the strike would run from this Friday to Nov. 13. He says an announcement about which flights would be affected will be made closer to the date.  Among other things, the union wants to secure transition payments for its 19,000 members if they retire early and says Lufthansa's most recent offer was "completely unacceptable." Lufthansa says it's prepared to continue negotiating.

^ It seems that all the Germans ever do in recent years is go on strike. That has become their new "profession." The Germans are not striking for: equal rights, equal pay, an end to war, an end to a totalitarian regime, for gay marriage, an end to poverty, more aid for refugees or any other social issues. They tend to only be striking for more and more things to make their lives "cushier." They aren't striking because they can't feed their families since there are dozens of social welfare programs in Germany to prevent that. They are only striking because they can. They are like little kids who get a toy (ie benefits) and play (ie use them) yet they see a toy another kid has and wants that and won't stop crying (ie go on strike) until they get that new toy (ie benefits.) They seem to want everything handed to them rather than putting their "big boy/girl pants on" and working for a living to earn those toys (ie benefits.) Now not every German is like that and not every German is striking. I know some that work extremely hard and get very little and then I know some that barely work  and get everything handled to them. The amount and reasons for the strikes throughout Germany tends to support my claim. Last December I was worried about a Lufthansa strike affecting my trip to/from Germany (luckily it didn't) and now this November I am worried again that a Lufthansa strike will affect my dad's trip home on leave from Iraq. While I won't say I will never fly Lufthansa every again (mainly do to all their strikes and poor customer service) I will say that I will do everything in my power to not fly them and to tell others not to fly them if they can help it (my dad doesn't get to chose his flights home and has to use what he is given.) ^


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