Friday, January 9, 2015

From Wikipedia:
"" is an interactive Web mapping-project which collects and publishes informations about wheelchair accessibility of places, worldwide. There is a website, an iPhone app and an Android app, developed by the Sozialhelden e.V., a German non-profit organization located in is based on free editable map of the world OpenStreetMap. The user can search places and check their wheelchair accessibility, and so the user learns, if a location is wheelchair accessible or not. was launched in 2010 by social entrepreneur Raul Krauthausen.Untagged place are marked gray, and can be tagged quickly and easily by anyone, without registration. To add specific comments, the user must be registered.Registered users can add images to a location and write a comment with further details about the wheelchair assibility of the place. focuses on the relevant accessibility informations and is not limited to wheelchair specific locations, such as therapy centers or toilets. Instead, wheelchair users should be include in Everyday life, focusing on public places of daily life including cafes, clubs, theaters, and basic public services, including public transportation, government offices and banks. Similar to Wikipedia, the user enters the information such that everyone helps to grow this tool from the bottom up.

^  I randomly found this site and find it very interesting. It has so many cool possibilities to allow people in wheelchairs (and those with strollers) to move around a city easily. Everyone should check out the site at:     ^

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